Although is true that one of the country commitments for “Education for All” is to end with the gap between education quality of the metropolitan areas – vs – rural areas, there is still much to be done, to encourage in a sustained manner, thousands of children living in extreme poverty, to attend classes.

However, there are still development gaps that are accentuated in those children between zero and six years old who do not receive physical stimuli and/or psycho-emotional from their caregivers or persons who accompany them in their initial development. These gaps are even greater when the family environment is in condition of poverty, any time during the first months of life; the development of babies also depends on the infrastructure of the home where they live mainly on the availability of drinking water and electricity.

Groups of children who are at increased risk of exclusion to early childhood are those living in vulnerable areas of extreme poverty as indigenous and rural. One of the barriers is that although the State undertakes to give attention to the children at these ages, it does not require the parents to send their children to school. So, the decision of incorporated them into preschool is left for parents’ decision.

Education is a system directly linked to the productive activities, cultural, scientific and ethics, whose effectiveness and efficiency depends on the Community to meet its needs, progress and to ensure social peace. Education is a commitment of all and each one of the members of the society, without distinction of any kind.

It is for this reason that EL ARCA Foundation take very seriously this issue and we are willing to work hard to make this reality change. We have developed together with a group of professionals a project very hopeful for hundreds of families in the rural area of the Congo in the Costa Abajo of the province of Colón.

If all Panamanians commit ourselves to give our support to improve our education, in the future we will have a larger country, full of hope and with better life quality, full of positive things! Let’s support! The education needs all of us!

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