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How is born EL ARCA Foundation?

In 2004, Fulvia Rivera, a young entrepreneur, has the idea of distributing toys among children in a distant community call La Represa where is native. She brings together a group of friends which are organizing themselves and bringing toys, making happy hundreds of children in that community. Since that time, year after year, each December children of some distant rural community in the province of Colón, are benefited with the visit of those who today are known as EL ARCA Foundation.

The first years were just a group of friends who met in order to bring happiness to children living in extreme poverty in rural places of difficult access, bringing them toys that make their Christmas a little more cheerful. Over time the idea not only was spreading, but also was growing and not just toys, donations were increasing to bring food, clothes, shoes and accessories, tools for the field, household items, articles for infants, among others.

At this time, that simple delivery of toys led to the creation of EL ARCA Foundation, a non-profit organization whose main objective is to provide the infrastructure and programs necessary for the full education of our childhood of scarce resources of the rural areas of the province of Colón. It also develops different programs for the benefit of the same sector, such as:

  • Merry Christmas Operation: Each year we bring the joy of Christmas to households less favored, through toys for children and adolescents, products of the basic food basketRead more
  • Back to School Operation: We make it easy for children of the rural area of Costa Abajo de Colón, their reintegration into school activities in each academic period Read more
  • Educational Tours: Periodically we moved to places with difficult access in the province of Colón with the support of our volunteers to offer various learning activities: workshops Read more
  • El arca educational center project:our Foundation has put in place a plan of collection from benefactors which will allow us to become a platform for individuals and companies to make the implementation of the project possible throughout sponsorships divided by levels Read more

Since 2004, EL ARCA Foundation has provided support for hundreds of different schools, rural communities, sick children and poor families and will continue to grow thanks to all the help of many people and companies that year after year join this cause.