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The construction of EL ARCA Educational Center has as objective to ensure for all children, adolescents from the communities at Costa Abajo de Colón, district of Chagres: communities such as El Congo, Las Cruces, Los Cedros, Nueva Esperanza, Nueva Arenosa, Los Olivos, La Encantadita, El Guabo y Ciricito; access to quality education.


Currently families of these areas are not able to send their children to complete early secondary and secondary for lack of an educational center near their houses. This impossibility of being trained at the school and their exclusion from secondary school, generates for them the conditions that perpetuate the cycle of poverty. This is the adverse reality that live thousands of children and adolescents in the district of Chagres, province of Colón. This is precisely what we propose to change.

The construction of the Educational Center EL ARCA is a project that strongly bets towards the future, facilitating the educational tools required to give students the opportunity to have a better future throughout a comprehensive academic preparation, which includes an educational plan appropriate to their lifestyle allowing them to grow personally and professionally, within their environment, and bring their craft activities at a level of business development. This is a sustainable solution that will transform the lives of the inhabitants of these communities.

We are convinced that children from rural and less-favored areas of Panama, also have the right to comprehensive education, to make their dreams a reality and contribute to the development of their country.

EL ARCA Educational Center will be built in the community of the Congo, in the district of Chagres in the Costa Abajo de Colón. Will benefit more than 10 adjacent communities, with a capacity to accommodate over 180 children and adolescents annually, offering complete training in the degrees from the seventh to the twelfth and with an educational system adapted to the reality and needs of that region.

The impact of the development of this project is ineffable and its implementation is essential to break the vicious circle of ignorance and poverty.

The necessary resources to carry out this work are many because its scope will affect both infrastructure and educational plans.

The project includes the following

  • 6 Classrooms
  • 1 Special Training Room
  • 1 Science Lab
  • 1 Workshop of Industrial Arts
  • 1 Library/ Informatics’ Salon
  • 1 Dining room and Kitchen
  • 1 Teachers Apartment
  • 1 Board / Administration
  • 1 Storeroom
  • 6 Bathrooms
  • Equipment

In order to achieve this goal, our Foundation has put in place a plan of collection from benefactors which will allow us to become a platform for individuals and companies to make the implementation of the project possible throughout sponsorships divided by levels. It is easy for anyone to become a sponsor of this project by supporting the educational development of our country.