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Become a benefactor of our Foundation can represent an opportunity to live the great experience of developing its quality and human sensitivity.

Its support as benefactor gives the opportunity to a child who lives in extreme poverty, get ahead and fulfill the dream of being a man or a woman of success. There will be no way to describe the pride that you may feel knowing that this child that you today support, can change his destination being a professional worker and it will be like a seed that you planted and that will extend through more educated generations and better human beings in our country, its appreciation and admiration will be forever!

Types of donors

1.Benefactors: Are all those donors who made monthly contributions in money.

a. Corporate Entity: Commercial donation of a company and/or organizations.

b. Individual Entity: Personal or family donation.

2. Sponsors: Are all those donors who made contributions in cash, in kind or professional services to a program, activity or project.

In Cash

A monthly fee, which is applicable to the development of all our programs during the year and for a period not less than 12 months. The benefactor defines the value.

A certain amount applied to the development of any of our programs or activities. The benefactor defines the value.

In Kind

An article donation required by the Foundation, to our programs or to the development of the programs, activities or operation in general.

Review our plans to become a benefactor, evaluate your options according to your money and availability. Fill up the log and send it, soon one of our Volunteer Leaders will contact you to tell you the next steps to become a BENEFACTOR OF EL ARCA FOUNDATION.

Plans of Benefactors

We work with two categories of benefactors, i.e. individual and legal entities; different plans or levels depending on the amount of the contributions and according to the monthly payments.

Below we will detail the plans or levels according to its category.

Business Plan

  1. Diamond USD$ 1.500.00 in forward
  2. Rubi USD$ 901.00 to USD$ 1.499.00
  3. Emerald USD$ 501.00 to USD$ 900.00
  4. Sapphire USD$ 301.00 to USD$ 500.00
  5. Gem USD$ 100.00 to USD$ 300.00

Star Plans (Individual Entities)

  1. 5 Stars USD$ 401.00 to USD$ 500.00
  2. 4 Stars USD$ 301.00 to USD$ 400.00
  3. 3 Stars USD$ 201.00 to USD$ 300.00
  4. 2 Stars USD$ 101.00 to USD$ 200.00
  5. 1 Star USD$ 20.00 to USD$ 100.00