At rural villages of our country, a large percentage of boys and girls drop out of school at the stage of moving from primary to secondary and this constitutes a vicious circle of poverty and hopelessness, because what is a person without education in these times?

There can be many reasons why this happens, but mainly justified by these families’ lifestyle. Within their habits we can mention:

  • Children must work to help out
  • There are no educational centers close to their communities therefore distances are an important reason not to attend.
  • Some children must take care of their brothers or be responsible for their home place, because their parents leave to seek for livelihood
  • There are no viable economic conditions to send their children to school
  • They do not believe in education

The young people who do not complete their secondary studies, be a part of the poor, vulnerable population and excluded from the possibilities of development.

These are realities that we face but that we could change and convert in a more hopeful scenario.

In EL ARCA Foundation we are willing to work hard to make this reality change, that is why we have developed a project very hopeful for hundreds of families in the rural area of the Congo on the Costa Abajo de Colón.

If all Panamanians commit ourselves to give our support to improve our education, in the future we will have a larger country, full of hope and with better life quality, full of positive things! Let’s support! The education needs all of us!

” Let us commit ourselves for an education oriented to the welfare of the country and to solidarity”.