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What do you do?

In EL ARCA Foundation we create and implement actions focused on education for the benefit of Panamanian children, particularly those living in areas of difficult access and in conditions of extreme poverty.

Our action reaches approximately 2,200 families and 5,500 children and adolescents. We are currently focused on the area of Costa Abajo de Colón, district of Chagres: communities such as the El Congo, Las Cruces, Los Cedros, Nueva Esperanza, Nueva Arenosa, Los Olivos, La Encantadita, El Guabo y Ciricito.

In these communities’ children is the future of their peoples. Our commitment is to provide an opportunity for improvement and sustainability, to give them the tools and knowledge in such a way they can break the cycle of poverty and can be men and women who would significantly improve their quality of life and to transform their communities.